Friday, June 20, 2014

Two Thumbs Up for the Vegan Power 50k! 2014 Race Report

There's a Vegan Power 50k?  Oh yes there is, new this year!  There's also a bit of a grass roots movement to increase trail and ultrarunning in the Berkshires.  If you don't know where the Berkshires are, this is in Western Massachusetts, near Albany NY, not Boston, where the Appalachian Trail passes through Massachusetts.  It's a hilly, rocky, rooty area with some of the best hiking in the state.  The Vegan Power 50K is run by BURCS, the Berkshire Ultrarunning Community for Service.  BURCS is new on the trail ultrarunning scene, but is already making an impact with several fantastic must-do races.  Also, importantly, BURCS isn't about making money.  BURCS is about promoting social and environmental activism.