Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jay Peak 50K 2012 Race Report

Labor Day weekend, my family headed up to Jay, VT for the Jay Peak Family Trail Running Festival.  It was the first time this event was run, and race organizers Chris and Dave did a fantastic job for a first time!  The races were held at the Jay Peak Ski Resort,  which was fully operational because there were also weddings running and they have installed a waterslide park. Saturday, there were some short races, and Sunday, a 25K and a 50K.

Saturday’s races had an unusual twist – there were three 5Ks, and anyone that completed all three races got the “Trail Runner With Issues” award.  The first race was the “Black Diamond” 5K – apparently more of a power-hike through some single track up the side of the ski slope.  The second was the “Blue Diamond” – runnable but hilly, and the third, easiest 5K was the Green Circle.  Guess who is a Trail Runner With Issues?  My husband, Gabe!  At 9.3 miles or so, this is the furthest he’s ever run in one day.  Congratulations, Gabe!
Gabe is in the orange!