Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter / Spring 2014 Racing Plans!

Wow, it's been entirely too long since I blogged!

I meant to get up a race report for the Nipmuck Trail Marathon, but now it's way too late.  That was back in early October!  A quick recap?  They handed out these 6 oz ultraspire cups, in an attempt to limit cup use.  I got the idea to go all minimalist and run with nothing but the cup.  That seemed like a great idea till I had a hypoglycemic fit during the last mile, and almost passed out.  On the plus side, I finished in 5:35, which was almost 40 minutes faster than my time from two years ago! 

Next on the agenda is the Beast of Burden 50 miler, on January 18th.  That's near Buffalo, and the whole point is to run in extreme weather.  As bad an idea as El Scorcho?  No, this one is worse because El Scorcho has a 25k / 50k option.  The Beast of burden is a 50m / 100m race.  Much worse than El Scorcho.

My mileage is on the low side, but mostly in terms of the shorter, weekday runs.  I haven't slacked on the long runs, so I should be okay.   The big challenge with this one will be packing and organizing winter clothing.  Also, it's the first time I'll be racing while staying in a hotel.  I'm not entirely sure how to manage nutrition.  For previous races where I've had to travel, I've camped.  With all my old backpacking experience, managing nutrition with a camp stove is easy for me.  

Also in the cards is the TARC Spring Thaw 6 hour.  That's in March, and it will be my third year running it.  I've applied for the DRB 50k, which takes place two days before the Boston Marathon, in the Blue Hills near Boston.  I've never been out there, and I'm excited to give those trails a try. 

Beyond that, no plans.  Any suggestions?