Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Plans, 2013

Training for the Bear Mountain 50 mile race has more or less consumed the past 5 months of my running life, so the big question is, what's next?  I really enjoyed that race, so I'm thinking about doing more like it.  If anyone has suggestions for a similar type of 50 miler in the fall, I'm all ears.  I like technical courses with a lot of elevation change.  What's good in the Northeast?  Anyone?

In the mean time,  I have a few goals for the immediate future:

Stay in Shape for El Scorcho:

In July, I'll be visiting my parents in Texas.  There's a 50K there, called El Scorcho, and it starts at midnight.  It's a little slip of a race - a bunch of 5K loops on a gravel path, and the race starts at midnight.  But heck.  It's 31 miles in the middle of the night.  Ya gotta respect that.  Why run this?  Who doesn't want to run a race named after a Weezer song?

Lose some weight: 

I've put on about 12 lbs since I took up ultra running.   That's crazy!  I've ditched three of them in the past week, but I need to keep at it.  (On the other hand, pudgy me is running faster than ever, so maybe I shouldn't lose all 12.)

Keep my speed:
I got a lot faster this winter.  Can I stay this fast?  I hope so.  A lot of getting faster was readjusting my mental game.  I learned how to run up a hill, and I also played a lot of mental tricks to try to break my slow-running habit.  I think if I don't backslide mentally, I won't backslide physically either.

Volunteer at one race:

I've never volunteered at a race.  That's because I suck.  

Do some backpacking:
We got our 10 year old an internal frame backpack, and we're hoping to get out on a few weekends.  If all goes well, I want to put in for a backcountry  permit for the whole family to hike across the Grand Canyon next year, or maybe go in for the High Sierra Loop.  But we need to get in a lot of bag nights, and get our girls used to the gear.   We also need to figure out if we can all carry enough food.  This may mean long runs at 3AM on weekdays, though.  I can do it!