Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer plans.... updated.

Back in May, I had a few goals.  Let's see how I did!  

Stay in Shape for El Scorcho:

It's a 50K, in Texas, on July 21st.  Did I stay in shape for it?  Sort of, though I'm a bit undertrained.  I got in a few runs in the 20+ realm since Bear Mountain, and they were back-to-backs with a 10+ mile run, but my mileage has been on the low side.  Not "drop to the 25k low", but not as high as I would like.  

Lose some weight: 
Didn't happen, but at least I didn't gain any!  Well, okay, maybe I lost 2 lbs?  Yeah, actually, I did lose 2 lbs.  

Keep my speed:
I was doing great on that till the humidity hit.  Who knows where I'm at now? 

Volunteer at one race:
I did!  I volunteered during the last 4 hours of the inaugural TARC 100.  It was a great experience, and I think I'll probably volunteer at the TARC100 again.  

Do some backpacking:
I used to love backpacking!  Here's a pic of the last time I went backpacking, in Yosemite, back in 2002.  

Look closely under my left arm...  can you see it?  Yup - I'm pretty darn pregnant in that picture.  So I was super excited to finally get that pack back on, and this time, make the kid carry her own gear.  

It was a quick trip in Douglas State Forest, mainly to test everything out.  We got there in the late afternoon, walked a few miles in, set up camp, and then high tailed it out before breakfast.  We had plenty of spare room in the adult packs, so we should definitely be able to carry more food and warm clothing.  The girls were perfectly willing to walk, and nobody complained about the lack of stuff.  Not that we ever really took anything car camping....  

This one woke up happy in the tent:

The mission was a success, and we have some easy trip ideas for the White Mountains this summer.  I can't wait!